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Comment by the Rev. Dr. R. Lamar Vest

Rivers of Living Water is a truly inspired presentation of Goffin's talent and passion for the Bible and the Word of Life.

Rev. Dr. R. Lamar Vest, President and CEO
American Bible Society, New York, N.Y.

Excerpt from the Preface by Dr. Erik M. Heen

Rivers of Living Water: A Visual Harmony of the Four Gospel by Yueh H. Goffin is a labor of love and of deep piety. It exemplifies devotion to the Word of God that is reminiscent of the medieval scriptoriums that produced the beautifully hand-illustrated New Testament manuscripts. Yet it is more. Rivers of Living Water is a stunning combination of the traditional gospel harmony that seeks to read one narrative from the four gospels and the academic gospel synopsis that respects and parses out the smallest differences among the first three gospels. Its color-coded system allows one to note relationships among the gospels one would otherwise miss.

Dr. Erik M. Heen
Professor of New Testament and Greek
The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia

Comments by the Rev. Dr. Franklin D. Fry

This exquisite presentation of the Gospels is Yueh Goffin's gift of love to our Lord and to his Church. The structure and artistry of this word-by-word and verse-by-verse alignment of the four Gospels' testimony to Christ immediately claims our admiring attention.

The familiar compilation of "Gospel parallels" comes to new life in Yueh's creation. I know of no presentation of this analysis and presentation to which her work can be compared.

You will benefit greatly from having your own copy, and you will certainly delight to give copies of it to your friends and to those who have responsibility for understanding and presenting the Gospel's witness to Jesus Christ in their personal and official ministries.

Rev. Dr. Franklin D. Fry
Senior Trustee, American Bible Society
Pastor, St. John's Lutheran Church, 1971-1996
Summit, New Jersey

Review of Rivers of Living Water: A Visual Harmony of the Four Gospels

The visual presentation of the Gospel accounts is where Ms. Goffin's most significantly unique contributions lie. The layout of the text is akin to a musical score. Whereas in music each line represents a note, Rivers' lines represent a Gospel author. The top line is Matthew, with following lines providing the text from Mark, then Luke and, finally, John. To further denote the different authors in the harmony, each author has an assigned color. Matthew is red, Mark orange, Luke blue and John green. If a word in a pericope resides in multiple Gospels, then the word spans each line and changes colors as it goes. This means, letters of words from all four Gospels look like a rainbow. This provides a unique and beautiful depiction of the Gospel harmonies. To think the author changed pens up to 16 times to create one letter is astounding. The only exception to this color scheme is found in the pericope titles, which are shown in solid purple. Where other Gospel harmonies develop complex processes and formats to compare the Gospels, Ms. Goffin has created a simple and beautifully artistic method of showing Gospel relationships. Through this unique and visually stimulating presentation, Gospel harmony and, thus, God's glory are emphasized.

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David Leaumont
MDiv-Biblical Studies (In progress)
Liberty Theological Seminary
June 26, 2010

A Brief Reflection by Dr. Gloria Thurmond

Yueh Goffin's manuscript, Rivers of Living Water: A Visual Harmony of the Four Gospels, is absolutely fascinating in its unique literary presentation, artistic rendition, and aesthetic beauty. It embodies the definition of the ancient Greek term kalokagathia, meaning that the inward goodness of the work is reflected in the manuscript's outward beauty.

In the tradition of the biblical scribes Ezra and Nehemiah, Yueh Goffin has inscribed the Good News of God's redemptive love for God's third millennial people. Truly an offering of sacrificial love, Rivers of Living Water bears witness to the author's love "for God with all of her heart, soul, and mind, and her neighbor as herself."

Gloria Thurmond, Doctor of Ministry
Pastoral Musician
St. Teresa of Avila Roman Catholic Church
Summit, New Jersey

Faculty Associate
College of Arts and Sciences
Seton Hall University, NJ
June 21, 2010

Comments by Pastor Sharon Eckhardt

I awaited, with eagerness, the development of this gift to the Church and its people. It is unlike any synopses I have read before. Unlike the usual gospel parallels in columnar form, it presents the four gospels merged together, in a single vision, of color, contrast, and communion.

Yueh Goffin has done much scholarly research in this work. She has looked carefully at usage of words, at nuance of meaning, and at headings for the various sections.

The result is not only a rainbow of artistic color, much like a colored musical score, but gives a very visual representation of how the gospels intersect and diverge. By seeing this so graphically, one is able to focus on the words and phrases that are important to all gospels, or to only one or two, and reflect on why that might be.

As a pastor, I have referred to and reflected on this book many times as I have prepared for sermons and teaching. It is a wonderful addition to my library.

Rev. Sharon Eckhardt
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church
Denville, New Jersey
July 8, 2010