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The following questions are often asked by readers of Rivers of Living Water: A Visual Harmony of the Four Gospels.

Q:  How should one read this book?

There are many ways to read it. One can read a single Gospel horizontally by position: the first line - Matthew, second line - Mark, third line - Luke, and fourth line - John. Or one can read it by color: red - Matthew, orange - Mark, blue - Luke, and green - John. Or one can read in an up-and-down wavy manner and pick up all the complementary information supplied by the other Gospels even when only one Gospel is studied. Another good way is to read all four Gospels at the same time. May you be inspired to read it creatively and let the Word of the Living Water speak to your mind and fill your heart.

Q:  Why did you write such a book?

I was always passionate about Bible study. In 1999 my pastor at the time, Rev. Bruce Davidson, asked me to lead a Bible study at St. John's Lutheran Church, Summit. Encouraged by his trust, I prayed to God to give me some new teaching materials. After praying persistently for a month, the Holy Spirit showed me an efficient and attractive way to organize the Gospels.

Q:  How long did the project take?

I spent the first few years organizing and editing the text; the hand writing itself took about three years, 2004−2006, ten to twelve hours a day, countless hours total. In addition, all the Autographed First Edition copies are hand-crafted by author.

Q:  It says that Heavenly Bright, A Non-Profit Corp. is the publisher. Have you donated the book?

Yes. I dedicated the book, on behalf of all Christians, to our Lord and God Jesus Christ, the real author. I am privileged to be His instrument; therefore, it's only fitting that all profits go to charities.

Q:  Has writing the book changed you?

Thankfully yes. Being alone with the Holy Spirit as the teacher brought divine peace and joy beyond understanding. I felt that I was fed the Word for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and emerged a more humble and enlightened human being.

Q:  Anything you want to say to our readers?

      Jesus truly is our greatest love;
           All things are possible with Him.
                Spread the Good News,
                     And thanks be to God!